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RELIGIOUS DESIGNS»restoration gallery»new design gallery
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Rochester, NY
complete restoration of two 19th C. Tiffany windows in multi-layered, opalescent glass 585-271-2240
St. John's Lutheran Church
Hamlin, NY
full church restoration including late-Victorian stained glass windows in tower, narthex, aisle, sacristy and altar 585-964-2550
United Methodist Church
Spencerport, NY
full church restoration of windows featuring extensive painted glass 585-352-3114
Clifton Baptist Church
Clifton, NY
restoration of aisle windows in High Victorian style stained glass  
Christ Church
Rochester, NY
repaired and releaded painted and stained glass windows, replaced zinc came and repaired ventilators 585-454-3878
New Life Presbyterian
Rochester, NY
large-scale restoration of 20 by 25 foot main sanctuary window including 5 lancets 585-473-1240
Genesee Baptist Church
Rochester, NY
full restoration of stained, painted and opalescent windows in sanctuary 585-436-7250
Nazareth College
Rochester, NY
restoration of numerous stained glass windows (and doors) in offices, dormitories and classrooms, incorporating lead and zinc 585-389-2525
Colgate Rochester
Divinity School

Rochester, NY
restoration of over 15 stained glass windows throughout the school 585-271-1320
Zion United Methodist
West Walworth, NY
restoration of aisle windows in 19th C. opalescent glass 315-986-3189
Allen Hill United Methodist
West Broomfield, NY
releading of aisle and narthex windows 585-229-5291
St. John's Episcopal
Canandaigua, NY
European leaded glass windows fully restored and repainted 585-394-4818
Irondequoit Presbyterian
Irondequoit, NY
releading of aisle windows 585-266-3370
First Universalist Church
Rochester, NY
restoration of entire Claude Bragdon-designed, Victorian-era church, including doors and windows of multi-layered opalescent glass 585-546-2826
Lutheran Church of the Transfiguration
Rochester, NY
releading, repair and resizing of old stained glass and reinstallation of windows in new frames 585-467-2150
St. John the Evangelist
Spencerport, NY
cleaning, repair, repainting and releading of 1800s European altar and aisle windows 585-352-5481
United Church of Marion
Marion, NY
restoration of multiple sets of massive, late 19th C. opalescent windows with lancets and tracery 315-926-5501
St. Jerome's
East Rochester, NY
creation of four new windows for sacristy, plus restoration of aisle windows 585-586-3231
First Presbyterian Church
Pittsford, NY
extensive restoration of European-style painted glass windows in aisle, entryway and attic 585-586-5688
Webster Presbyterian
Webster, NY
restoration of The Good Shepherd, multi-layered opalescent interior window 585-265-9700
St. Mary's Church
Honeoye, NY
restoration and resizing of church’s antique stained glass windows to fit new frames 585-229-5007
First United Methodist
Palmyra, NY
replacement of broken sections and extensive repainting of glass in complex wood mullion frames in sanctuary 585-597-9172
Our Lady of Mercy
Rochester, NY
design and creation of massive altar window and rose window in abstract, symbolic forms and colors 585-865-0775

RESIDENTIAL DESIGNS »restoration gallery»new design gallery
Painted Glass:
The Golden Hind

Rochester, NY
new window for historic renovation, stained and painted glass featuring detailed depiction of 19th C. sailing ship contact info
on request
Beveled Windows and
Cabinet Doors

Rochester, NY
original designs for beveled and leaded kitchen cabinets and windows contact info
on request
Stairwell Triptych
Rochester, NY
original design of three-panel stairwell window to match period detail of early 20th C. mansion contact info
on request
Tuscan Landscape
Rochester, NY
new window depicting Tuscan landscape for new Italian villa, incorporating architectural details of the house contact info
on request

Cedar Arts Center
Corning, NY
total restoration of High Victorian skylight in historic mansion 607-936-4647
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY
set of original period-design windows, in Wright’s Prairie style, for Dean’s office 585-475-7852
Masonic Temple
Spencerport, NY
full restoration of front entrance transom window 585-352-4026
Egypt Fire Department
Egypt, NY
new doorway design incorporating department insignia created in handpainted stained glass 585-223-1923

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