Bowls & Lamp Shades

Fused Glass Bowls –

Individually handcrafted, these oversized glass bowls are formed by fusing multiple layers of colored art glass, creating an intriguing play of light on the curved surfaces. Designs are produced by arranging individually cut pieces of glass, by etching and with glass paint. The use of art glass, with its variations in texture and tone, gives each bowl a special character all its own


Custom Lamp Shades


Custom Lamp Shades in the Greene and Greene Style


Flame Light – Stained Glass Lamp


Wheat Design – etched iridized glass


Rose Bowl – handcut iridized glass


Black and Red Abstract – cut and fused glass


Confetti Bowl, Emerald – handcut, iridized glass


Chili Pepper Bowl – cut and fused glas


Simon – handpainted glass


Green Abstract – cut and fused glass


Moon Bowl – cut and painted glass

Restored Lamp Shade