Custom Stained Glass Window Studio in Rochester, NY

L.C. Tiffany stained glass, restored by Godfrey-MullerFor 40 years, owner Jeffrey Mueller, owner of Godfrey Miller Studios in Rochester, NY has been creating stained, painted, leaded, beveled, etched and carved glass for discerning clients. Our studio has designed, built, restored and installed hundreds of windows, on projects ranging from irreplaceable Tiffanys to abstract commercial installations to doors and cabinetry for private homes. There is mystery in glass. It is hard, sharp, brittle. Yet, in the right hands, it can be made to drape like fabric, to shimmer like water, to glow like skin. Creating superior stained glass requires a certain eye, a feel. It demands not only the vision of an artist and hands of a craftsman but a deep knowledge of history, to mine techniques of the past, and of architecture, so new installations last well into the future.

Our experience and range of services place us in the top tier of glass artisans in Rochester, NY Pittsford, NY, Henrietta, NY and other surrounding areas. We can fashion curved glass panels, custom–match antique glass, restore painted glass, and create multi–layered, expertly leaded windows using exacting 19th–century techniques. Whether you’re a congregation considering the restoration of a treasured window, an architect needing to integrate new or old glass into your plans, or a homeowner seeking design ideas using color and light, we’d like the opportunity to work with you. Godfrey Muller Studios creates stained glass that will turn your space into a vibrant, sacred dwelling place in Henrietta, NY, Pittsford, NY, and surrounding Rochester communities.