Original: Residential

As experienced glass artisans, we understand how to shape light and color to enhance your living space. Show us layouts, colors, fabrics and patterns, even photos and sketches, and together we will translate your inspirations into finished glass designs.



Painted Stained Glass



Room Divider




Front Entrance


Shim’s residence, Art Nouveau


Prarie Style


Etched Glass




European Painted Glass – English Tudor Urn


Dining Room Windows – Field of Lupins




Dining Room Abstract – Wright ‘Prairie’ Window


Marble Jacuzzi Window – Sweet Pea Victorian


Handpainted Nautical – The Golden Hind


Expanded Window – Antique Fleur-de-Lis


Dining Room Zinc – Amber Windows


Front Door Panel – Rebuilt Art Nouveau


Historical Recreation – Federal Mansion


19th Century Mansion – Stairwell Triptych


Abstract Modern – Jacuzzi Window


Tuscan Landscape – Power Room Window


Beveled and Textured – Kitchen Abstract


Southwest Sunset – Main Foyer Window


Living Room Abstract – Painting with Glass


Elegant Beveled Glass – Kitchen Cabinets